Lantomo, pseudonym of Antonella Montes, is an Italian artist based in Barcelona, working between Spain, Italy and China. Her drawings are a diary of characters caught in the flat surface on which they are created, trying to get free, like metamorphic beings; faces that hide their engraved emotions and memories. Experimenting with wood, a warm and unique material, using tools and aesthetics belonging to the contemporary illustration, Lantomo creates an imaginary world of characters frozen at the instant in which they express themselves. Pencil, charcoal, acrylics and inks are her basic painting elements, usually working with mixed technique and a preference for black, white and red.

click here to download my PORTFOLIO 2017
2017/03 – Collective exhibition”Cycles” at Arteria, curated by MITTE, Barcelona
2016/10 – Collective exhibition”Who is Miss Catbantry” at Miscelanea, Barcelona
2016/03 – Collective exhibition”La Femme” at Bacanale, Barcelona
2015/12 – Individual exhibition Renaissance, at Opera Lounge, commissioned by Escalera de Incendio, Bcn
2015/06 – Collective exhibition “Sóc Artista” ||4ºAniversario||, at MITTE Artspace gallery, Barcelona
2015/05 – Collective exhibition GIGOLOVE005 organized for MITTE Artspace gallery, Barcelona
2014/10 – Selected to the Weart Festival, theme EGO, Barcelona
2014/09 – Collective exhibition BDC II, with The Walrus Hub, at Transforma Bcn, Barcelona
2014/07 – Collective exhibition Barcelona Drawing City, with The Walrus Hub, at Galerie Le Marais, Paris
2014/07 – Individual exhibition SansSens, at Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona
2014/07 – Collective exhibition Change is good, at Studiostore Gallery, Barcelona
2014/07 – Collective exhibition Dress Your Wall, at Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona
2014/07 – Participation in GMAC, Paris, with The Walrus Hub
2013/07 – Exhibition CAMOUFLAGE, at MOB with The Walrus Hub, Barcelona
2013/04 – Participation in Surge Art Beijing 2013 Art Fair, Beijing, China 
2012/11 – Personal exhibition “Hidden Things”, at ZAJIA LAB, Beijing, China
2012/02 – Collective exhibition WOOD, at MUTUO Art Centre, Barcelona, Spain
2011/11 – Individual exhibition USELESS Precautions, at MITTE Artspace Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2011/11 – Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art, Safia Gallery, at Vinçon, Barcelona, Spain
2011-2010 – MUTUO, creative art markets, various editions
2010-2008 – Collective exhibitions with the artist group (treinta)ROJO, Barcelona, Spain
2009 – Collective exhibition THERENTSHOP, borne, gallery and art shop, Barcelona, Spain
2008 – Collective exhibition LIV.OBERT, at ILUMINARTE Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2007 – Collective exhibition ExtraMuro, with the artist group LIV, Barcelona, Spain
2007 – Individual exhibition at FilFerru, Barcelona, Spain
2007 –  Individual exhibition at Exit, Barcelona, Spain)
2006 – Collective exhibition Barceloneta Residents, at C. C. Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
2006 –  Individual exhibition at La Clandestina, Barcelona, Spain
2006 – Collective exhibition for the “Llibre de les preguntes”, at Pati llimona, Barcelona, Spain
2014/02            Interview for the art magazine The Wall  Revista de Arte emergente local e internacional
2014/11             Publication in 40Fakes art blog
2013/06            Publication in Designcollector.net art and design blog, Rusia
2013/06            Publication in Ideafixa.com art and inspiration blog, Brasil
2013/06            Publication in I need a guide  a guide to contemporary culture
 2013/06           Publication about Lantomo. “La esencia de la expresión”, in the web site The Walrus Hub
2013/06            Publication in  Justapox magazine online art and illustration magazine
2013/06            Publication in the SURGE ART BEIJING caltalogue 
2013/05            Publication in the magazine The Beijinger  Beijing, China
2012/10            Publication in The Mag italian art magazine online
2012/05            Publication in The Art junkie visuals arts magazine online
2011                 Interview in Extrarradi, Comradio, Barcelona, Spain
2010                 Calle 20, La  Revista de La Nueva Cultura, Barcelona, Spain
2006                Illustration Book “el llibre de les preguntes”, Planeta Babel, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Spain


2011-2012      Collaboration with TASCANSAIA graphic studio, Barcelona,Spain
2011             Cover for a music band Salonica, album “una voz sutil”, Spain