• 2020/03
    BATTERSEA SPRING Affordable Art Fair, London, with Retrospect Galleries
  • 2020/02
    LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles, with 3 Punts Galeria
  • 2019/12
    Group exhibition ART COLLECTOR STARTER KIT VI, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles
  • 2019/12
    Group exhibition 12x12 Exhibition, The StockRoom Gallery, Clifton Hill, AU
  • 2019/10
    ESTAMPA Feria de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, with 3 Punts Galeria
  • 2019/09
    SWAB BARCELONA Art Fair, Barcelona with 3 Punts Galeria
  • 2019/09
    Group exhibition“Orígenes”en Galería BAT Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
  • 2019/08
    Group exhibition “3 Punts Summer Collective”en Galeria 3 Punts, Barcelona
  • 2019/05
    Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong with Retrospect Galleries
  • 2019/2
    Art Madrid 2019 with Galeria BAT Alberto Cornejo (Madrid, Spain)
  • 2018/12
    CONTEXT Art Miami with Retrospect Galleries
  • 2018/11
    AAF Hamburg, with Retrospect Galleries
  • 2018/10
    AAF Stockholm, with Retrospect Galleries
  • 2018/09
    Exhibition Deceptive markings, en 'Ciclo: Diálogos’ at Galeria BAT Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
  • 2018/05
    Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, with Retrospect Galleries (Byron Bay, Australia)
  • 2017/03
    Group exhibition”Cycles” at Arteria, curated by MITTE, Barcelona
  • 2016/10
    Group exhibition"Who is Miss Catbantry” at Miscelanea, Barcelona
  • 2016/03
    Group exhibition "La Femme” at Bacanal, Barcelona
  • 2015/12
    Solo exhibition Renaissance, at Opera Lounge, commissioned by Escalera de Incendio, Bcn
  • 2015/06
    Group exhibition "Sóc Artista” ||4ºAniversario||, at MITTE Artspace gallery, Barcelona
  • 2014/10
    Group exhibition the Weart Festival, theme EGO, Barcelona
  • 2014/09
    Group exhibition BDC II, with The Walrus Hub, at Transforma Bcn, Barcelona
  • 2014/00
    Group exhibition Barcelona Drawing City, with The Walrus Hub, at Galerie Le Marais, Paris
  • 2014/07
    Solo exhibition SansSens, at Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2014/07
    Group exhibition Change is good, at Studiostore Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2014/07
    Participation in GMAC, Paris, with The Walrus Hub
  • 2013/04
    Participation in Surge Art Beijing 2013 Art Fair, Beijing, China
  • 2012/11
    Solo exhibition Hidden Things, at ZA JIA Lab project space, Beijing, China
  • 2012/02
    Group exhibition WOOD, at MUTUO Art Centre, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2011/11
    Solo exhibition USELESS Precautions, at MITTE Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2011/11
    Group exhibition Hipermerc’art, Safia Gallery, at Vinçon, Barcelona, Spain


  • 2017/07
    Publication with interview in LAMONO Magazine - art&urban culture magazine, issue #113
  • 2017/03
    Publication online in the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine art-throbs
  • 2016
    Publication in Fashion Drawings book, Michele Wesen Bryant, Laurence King Publishing
  • 2015/11
    Publication with interview in MISCELANEA gallery, the 10º anniversary book, Stendal editions
  • 2014/02
    Interview in The Wall. Magazine of local and international emerging art
  • 2013/06
    Publication in I need a guide, a guide to contemporary culture
  • 2013/06
    Article in Juxtapoz magazine, art and illustration online magazine
  • 2013/05
    Publication in The Beijinger Magazine, Beijing, China
  • 2012/10
    Publication in The Mag, italian art online magazine
  • 2011
    Radio Interview in Extrarradi, Comradio, Barcelona
  • 2010
    Publication in Calle 20, The New Culture Magazine, June 2010, Barcelona


  • 2018
    Selected in the Biennial of Contemporary Drawing contest 'Las huellas del dibujo' organized by the Unicaja Foundation and the Association of Plastic Artists of Malaga (APLAMA)
  • 2017
    Preselected in the 8th Figurative Painting and Sculpture Contest organized by the Fundació Privada de les Arts i els Artistes


Graduated in Architecture, Faculty of Rome La Sapienza
Degree in Master in "Architecture, Art and Ephemeral Space" at UPC Barcelona
Professional Courses of Drawing and Graphic Design in various disciplines
(Live nude drawing, illustration, Screen Printing, Web Design, book Layout, Illustrator, Indesign)


GALERIA BAT Alberto Cornejo Calle María de Guzmán · 6128003 Madrid Spain

3 PUNTS GALERIA Carrer Enrique Granado 21 · 08007 Barcelona Spain

RETROSPECT GALLERIES 52 Jonson Street Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia


Lantomo Dossier and CV 2019